Labtimes 02/2013 - Table of Content

NewsPicture of the issue / Open innovation project aims to find animal research alternatives / HR Excellence in Research badge awarded to Polish Nencki Institute / Recently Awarded / New EUsponsored university ranking draws criticism / Science chats about the right ways of doing research / Billionaires hand out biggest life science prize / Italian researchers reveal that the mind can easily be tricked by a rubber hand6
HumourPaul the Postdoc6
OpinionResearch letter from... Denmark: Non-Funky Monkeys14
OpinionObservations of The Owl (42): Bye Bye, Bioinformatics16
OpinionOver the Line? (9): The Gentle Way of Science17
AnalysisInterview - Kevin Moses discusses a new funding philosophy: ‘Funding People, not Projects’18
AnalysisCover Story - In the old days, printers spat out books and papers. Today, they produce entire organs24
HumourOne fine day in the lab 29
Journal ClubTampere/Finland Tuberculosis research needs new animal models – how about zebrafish?30
Journal ClubBruxelles/Belgium Building a fully functional thyroid gland from embryonic stem cells32
Journal ClubGif-sur-Yvette/France Conquering the dark made the Mexican tetra change its life style34
Publication StatisticsRenal research in Europe36
Publication StatisticsWhat's behind paper retractions? (15): Credit Reports – Who Deserves To Be A Co-author?40
BiobizWhat about... ...Merck’s layoffs in Geneva: are the job prospects of 500 former employees resolved?41
BiobizDutch brain pacemaker attracts investment / Antisense’s brain cancer drug is a flop / Roche’s novel drugs flood the market / Drug approval for Lundbeck’s alcohol antagonist42
BiobizMedical device and med-tech industry For years, medical devices yielded huge revenues. However, the recent economic slump has left its scars on the med-tech world as well. Are the fat years over?44
MethodsBench philosophy (43): Microfluidics46
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: The Art of Pipetting48
ProductsProduct survey: Automated nucleic acid extraction49
ProductsNew products57
BooksRichard Hammond’s Miracles of Nature58
BooksEmbryos in Deep Time, by Marcelo Sánchez59
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XLI) 100 experienced scientists from abroad needed in Turkey60
HumourCartoon: Cynical Sid (16)74