Labtimes 03/2011 - Table of Content

NewsPicture of the issue / Corrupt funding system /Alternatives to peer review / Stem cell patents / Common signalling pathway in plants and animals6
HumourPaul the Postdoc6
OpinionResearch letter from ... France: Horses Favour Food12
OpinionObservations of The Owl (29): Sentimental Journeys14
AnalysisBlue Brain Project High aims, low output. Much ado about nothing?16
HumourOne fine day in the lab 19
AnalysisAuthenticity of lab organisms How sure can you be that your HeLa cell line is really a HeLa cell line?20
AnalysisThe ideal researcher A survey identifies the essential skills of a modern scientist24
Journal ClubNijmegen/The Netherlands How can flies help us study neuroepigenetics?30
Journal ClubLouxembourg/Luxembourg What are LIM proteins doing in plants?32
Journal ClubBratislava/Slovakia Is there a solution to the end-replication problem?34
Publication StatisticsEar, nose and throat research in Europe36
Publication StatisticsWhat’s behind paper retractions? (2): We Wrote What?39
BiobizUS drugmaker to create jobs in Ireland/ New microinvestment website/ French firm to establish stem cell bank / Antibody developer raises €15 million 40
BiobizAnalysis Vienna-based vaccine maker Intercell meets next Waterloo, while former CFO is lucky42
BiobizNews II Molecular diagnostics company raises €8 million/ European Lab Automation event43
BiobizCompany Portrait Intana Bioscience (Martinsried, Germany) takes a close look at molecular dimensions, when analysing the interaction of tagged molecules44
MethodsBench philosophy (30): Phylogenetic analysis programme iPhy48
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Extraction of DNA fragments from gels50
ProductsNew products51
ProductsProduct survey: Electronic pipettes52
BooksThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot58
BooksEcological Developmental Biology by Scott F. Gilbert & David Epel59
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XXVIII) Funding opportunities in the Baltics – where things will soon take a great leap forward60
HumourCartoon: Cynical Sid (3)74