Labtimes 01/2011 - Table of Content

NewsPicture of the issue / Open access publishing / University reduction in Wales / Fraud accusations in Denmark /Animal research communication / Evolution and embryology6
HumourPaul the Postdoc6
OpinionResearch letter from ... England: Excitable Ear Extractions14
OpinionObservations of The Owl (27): Innocent Victims15
Analysis"Drug Discovery - Is Mother Nature still the number one source for promising new drugs? "16
AnalysisOpen Innovation - If you want to earn some extra cash, solve some problems for the pharma industry20
Analysis"Interview - Elena Cattaneo gives an insight to Italian research? "26
HumourOne fine day in the lab (23)29
Journal ClubThessaloniki/Greece Role of a deubiquitinase in T-cell development and leukemogenesis30
Journal ClubHelsinki/Finland miRNAs in plant root development32
Journal ClubOeiras/Portugal Telomeres and the DNA damage response paradox34
Publication StatisticsMicrobiology in Europe36
Publication StatisticsDon’t be misled by citation figures! (27): High Impact with Low Numbers39
Biobiz"Austria's Intercell endures plaster disaster / Thermo Fisher continues to expand chromatography business / Danish Symphogen raises €100 million for therapeutic antibody mixtures "40
BiobizAnalysis - Roche drops RNAi while everybody is wondering whether they know something we don't42
BiobizCompany Portrait - With fighting antibiotic-resistant superbugs in Cambridge, UK, a former stationer has started a second career. In her first, she designed and sold office supplies44
BiobizMisconduct and Manners - How a paper retraction delayed an IPO and shrunk investment but should build public trust48
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Streamlined emulsion PCR protocol50
MethodsBench philosophy (28): Statistical Pitfalls55
ProductsProduct survey: Thermal Cyclers57
ProductsNew products65
BooksLost Sex: The Evolutionary Biology of Parthenogenesis, by I. Schön, K. Martens & P. Van Dijk66
BooksLiving in a Microbial World, by Bruce V. Hofkin67
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XXVI) - Funding opportunities in Finland – where the research climate gets cosier and cosier68
HumourCartoon: Cynical Sid (1)86