Labtimes 06/2010 - Table of Content

NewsPicture of the issue / World university rankings / Fast and easy research publication / Plant taxonomy revisited /Stem cell research accusations / The 1000 genomes project6
OpinionResearch letter from ... the Netherlands: Sweet brains14
OpinionObservations of The Owl (26): Multi-Culti Science16
AnalysisStructure dispute - An American and an English group fight over one enzyme18
AnalysisRetractions - What happened to good old, solid research? Lately, more papers than ever are retracted24
AnalysisBee Crisis - Bees are becoming an endangered species; what are the consequences of their decline?30
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XXV) - Funding opportunities in Ireland – where things are currently at the crossroads42
Journal ClubGhent/Belgium Finding a missing link in plant hormone signalling36
Journal ClubBordeaux/France Visualising single molecules38
Journal ClubZürich/Switzerland Computing jumping genes40
Publication StatisticsRheumatology in Europe52
Publication StatisticsDon’t be misled by citation figures! (26): Welcome to the Club55
BiobizFrance’s Cerenis pockets €40 million / Genmab axes employees / DNA sequencing goes IPO56
BiobizInterview with Morphosys’ Simon Moroney on the acquisition of synthetic biotech tools maker, Sloning57
BiobizBiotechnological research in China - European nations are investing in extensive research collaborations with Chinese institutes. What are the reasons? Lab Times investigates59
BiobizCompany portrait - There are strange things afoot at Upper Hayford, 105km northeast of London. Lab Times visited Peptcell Ltd. and discovered an unorthodox set-up64
ProductsNew products66
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Ten tips for quantitative immunoblotting of plant proteins72
MethodsBench philosophy (27): Protein crystallization technique74
ProductsProduct survey: Microarrays67
BooksE.O.Wilson: Anthill77
BooksSeven great wall calendars to bring a splash of colour to your lab’s drab walls78
HumourPaul the Postdoc6
HumourOne fine day in the lab (21)51
HumourCartoon: Superdoc (21)90