Labtimes 05/2010 - Table of Content

HumourPaul the Postdoc6
News"Picture of the issue / Plagiarism prevention technology / Recently awarded / Anonymous post-publication reviewing/New achievements in microscopy"6
OpinionResearch letter from ... Finland: Living Islands of Sloth12
OpinionObservations of The Owl (25): Dumb Beauties14
Analysis"UK scientists Researchers in the UK have to prepare themselves for difficult times "16
HumourThe other dictionary (5)20
Analysis"Current-generating bacteria Is it possible to industrially exploit this unique feature? "22
Analysis"Interview Magnus Nordborg talks about the importance of plant research "28
Journal ClubNewcastle/UK Link between membrane potential and protein localisation in bacteria32
Journal ClubWroclaw/Poland Mitochondrial AAA protease in Arabidopsis thaliana34
Journal ClubCopenhagen/Denmark Modulation of lysosomes to fight cell-death resistant cancer cells36
Analysis"Career strategies for young European scientists (XXIV) Funding opportunities in Belgium − where things are slowly getting started"38
HumourOne fine day in the lab (20)45
Publication StatisticsMolecular genetics and genomics in Europe46
Publication StatisticsDon’t be misled by citation figures! (25): Jack of all Meetings49
Biobiz"Belgium’s Tigenix splits off / France’s Vivalis raises / Germany’s Evotec acquires "50
BiobizUK’s Shire cannily snaps up a Flemish developer of digestive drugs51
Biobiz"Spin-off boom at Edinburgh University Scotland’s academic lighthouse announces a record, but its progeny’s chances are slight/A brief overview of the University’s latest life science foundations"52
Biobiz"Producing antibodies at Davids Biotechnologie (Regensburg, Germany) No venture capital, please! A portrait of an unusual Bavarian start-up "54
Biobiz"Intellectual property rights The European Court of Justice puts a damper on Monsanto"58
Products"Product survey: Antibody purification "60
ProductsNew products66
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Fragmentation of proteins in proteomic research67
MethodsBench philosophy (26): NMR spectroscopy vs. X-Ray crystallography68
BooksBoris Mikhaylovich Kozo-Polyansky: Symbiogenesis: A New Principle of Evolution70
BooksCraig B. Stanford: The Last Tortoise: A Tale of Extinction in Our Lifetime71
HumourCartoon: Superdoc (20)82