Labtimes 04/2009 - Table of Content

HumourPaul the Postdoc6
News"Hoaxed by a nonsense paper / Rescuing niche research areas / Recently awarded / New research centres / Research indicators viewed from Austria / Upward growing roots "6
Opinion"Research letter from ... Denmark: Praying for Dopamine "12
Opinion"Observations of The Owl (18): I’m a Dino (Hear me ROAR!) "13
Analysis"Origin of Life: How did the first biomolecules form? Old discussions and new views "14
Analysis"Proteomics: Protein expert Thierry Rabilloud talks about still unfulfilled expectations in proteomics "20
AnalysisGourmet Genomics (2): Will genomic efforts help to reveal why truffles are such an expensive delicacy?24
Journal ClubAberystwyth/Wales: Robot ‘Adam’ – the next step in research automation28
Journal ClubDublin/Ireland: Toll-like receptors in innate immunity30
Journal ClubTartu/Estonia: SNPs and human genetic variation32
Publication Statistics Reproductive biomedicine in Europe34
Publication Statistics Don’t be misled by citation figures! (17): No Significant Advantage37
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XVII): Doing a PhD (or more) in France38
HumourOne fine day in the lab (14): Stale mutants43
BiobizInterview with Rino Rappuoli, Global Head of Novartis’s vaccine research, on influenza A/H1N146
BiobizMore news48
MethodsBench philosophy (19): The art of literature searches50
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: HTS-cloning with System-4852
ProductsSurvey: Cell Culture Devices53
ProductsNew products57
Books"Six-legged Soldiers, by Jeffrey Lockwood / Living with Dormice, by Sue Eden "58
HumourCartoon: Superdoc (13)66