Labtimes 05/2008 - Table of Content

Humour Paul the Postdoc6
News 150 years of natural selection, Taxonomy crisis, ...6
OpinionObservations of The Owl (13): For Your Eyes Only14
OpinionResearch Letter from an Italian Kennel: A Dog's Life16
AnalysisResearch funding in Italy18
AnalysisELSO fuses with EMBO22
AnalysisCancer Genomics24
Journal Club Helsinki/Finland: Angiogenesis and tumour growth28
Journal Club Zurich/Switzerland: Genomic patterns of immune genes30
Journal Club Ghent/Belgium: Pesticide resistance via mitochondrial mutations32
Humour One Fine Day in the Lab33
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XIII)34
Publication Statistics Gastroenterology and hepatology in Europe40
Publication Statistics Don't be misled by citation figures! (12): Papa's Pride43
OpinionThe Bizarre World of Health Care (7): Pills for the Preeteens45
BiobizClose-Up: Spanish Vegetabology46
BiobizMore News49
MethodsBench philosophy (14): The art of preparing effective scientific illustrations52
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: The BaCelLo Predictor54
ProductsProduct Survey: Blotting equipment55
ProductsNew products60
BooksMolecules that Changed the World61
BooksThe Buzz about Bess - Biology of a Superorganism62
Humour Cartoon: Superdoc (7)70