Labtimes 04/2008 - Table of Content

Humour Paul the Postdoc6
News Taxonomy’s 2007 top ten / New tool for protein mining / New heads for the ERC and HFSPO /French CNRS split planned / Recently awarded / Faster and cheaper DNA sequencing 6
OpinionObservations of The Owl (12): Sci-chology 12
AnalysisFrench veterinarian and bioethicist Jacques Testart talks about better ways for scientists and the public to be involved in political decisions14
AnalysisMathematical modelling in biology20
Humour Incredible Science (11): Snorers get poor exam results23
AnalysisCereal diets and babies’ sex -- a case of poor science and sensationalist headlines24
Journal Club Lyon/France Freeze tolerance in lizards28
Journal Club Gödöllö/Hungary Plant RNA silencing against virus attacks30
Journal Club Dundee/Scotland Black tea polyphenols and diabetes32
Humour One fine day in the lab (8): Stock solutions33
Publication Statistics Dermatology in Europe34
Publication Statistics Don’t be misled by citation figures! (12): The times they are a-changin’37
AnalysisCareer strategies for young European scientists (XII): Funding opportunities in the Netherlands open to anyone38
BiobizHow to become a biobusiness writer? A Lab Times reader’s mysterious e-mail approach to freelance work44
BiobizThe Genetics Research Centre (GRC) in Munich offers genotyping services to scientists45
BiobizInterview with Andreas Ruppert, Head of the GRC, on exclusive equipment and boring work46
BiobizGSK, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company, has found a magic formula48
BiobizBiotech buyout: how feverish Big Pharma is spending billions of euros to find new cash cows49
MethodsBench philosophy (13): Open source for open minds. The EMBOSS Suite50
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Cool glove trick keeps your fingers warm52
ProductsProduct Survey, Cloning kits53
ProductsNew products60
BooksPsychrophiles. From Biodiversity to Biotechnology. By Rosa Margesin et al.61
BooksMolecular Forensics. By Ralph Rapley and David Whitehouse (eds.)62
Humour Cartoon: Superdoc (6)70