Labtimes 01/2007 - Table of Content

Humour Paul the Postdoc6
News News 6
AnalysisGenetic testing, European regulations, guidelines and scientific problems14
InterviewNeurobiologist Steven Rose talks about the social implications of modern brain research20
Humour Incredible Science (5): Dripping Pitch25
OpinionObservations of The Owl (5): Cat-astrophy26
Analysis(Not only) PhD Careers/The seventh EU research framework programme (FP7) -- part I28
Journal Club Rehovot/Israel Chickpeas and the origin of human farming32
Journal Club Leuven/Belgium Banana diversity and proteomics34
Humour One fine day in the lab (1): The Ransom Note35
Journal Club Copenhagen/Denmark Molecular Evolution, RNAs and compexity36
Publication Statistics Plant biology in Europe38
Publication Statistics Don't be misled by citation figures! (5): The Lucky Punch41
BiobizParallel Trade, Free movement of pharmaceutical goods in the EU? An illusion! 42
BiobizNew Series! The Bizarre World of Health Care (1): What price a drug?45
BiobizClose-up: Biotechnology in Spain/Protein purification specialist Biomedal (Sevilla)/A small selection of Spanish biotech companies46
BiobizNews and Opinion50
MethodsBench philosophy (5): The secret desires of the men of methods52
MethodsTips and tricks of the trade: Post processing of biological data with an open source programme54
ProductsThermocyclers: Speed up the heat!55
ProductsNew products60
BooksSex, Drugs & DNA. Science's Taboos Confronted. By Michael Stebbins61
Humour Cartoon: Gene Royale (5)66