Run the Experiments (24) – Too Happy Too Soon

(December 19th, 2017) Here's a new episode of Lab Times' serialised crime story.

The aircraft landed smoothly at Frankfurt airport. Marcus still had a smile on his face as he hurried through customs. If he got the next train to Heidelberg, he could still make it to the lab and tell Prof Bernard of his successful mission. His reward was only a one-hour train ride away.

“Where is Bernard? I've got it!” Marcus more or less fell into Bernard's personal assistant's office.

“What have you got? He's in a meeting,” came the astonished reply.

“Oh, nevermind; I'll wait in the lab,” Marcus, still overly excited, seated himself in one of the lab’s swivel chairs and whirled around a few times. “Yippee!” he exclaimed, rather too loudly. The lab workers looked up at him with perplexed expressions. Marcus immediately stopped spinning his chair but he found it impossible to sit still.

Should I or shouldn’t I? Marcus' thoughts were restless; they strayed back to Charlotte and Fernando, the dismayed look on their faces as he left the airport. Ah, forget ‘em, you deserve this chance!

Impatiently, he went over to the lab computer and plugged the USB stick in. Just seconds later, the Explorer opened and revealed four neatly labelled folders “images”, “tables”, “schemes” and “presentation”.

How careless, Marcus thought, not even password-protected. Such negligent foolishness deserves to be punished.

Marcus decided to check out the “presentation” folder first. In it was indeed a .pptx file. Double-click and it opened. Bingo!

On the first slide, black letters on a dusky pink background read the presentation's title: “Mitochondria-related signalling in the brain”. What?? “Mitochondria???”, “Brain???” This clearly wasn't about their secret cancer project. What was this? In small letters, he discovered another line on the slide “Journal Club presentation by Charlotte Whitefield for the neurobiology seminar.”

Marcus couldn't believe his eyes. A poxy journal club presentation? Where was their data? Marcus frantically combed through the other folders but there was nothing but brains, neurons and some neuronal signalling pathways.

“Hey, Marcus, you wanted to talk to me? I hope your trip was... successful.” Marcus gulped. He didn't dare to turn around and look at Prof Bernard.


To be continued...

Kathleen Gransalke & Alison Blewitt

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Photo: Pixabay/Andy Beales

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