Run the Experiments (23) – Admitting Defeat

(December 18th, 2017) Here's a new episode of Lab Times' serialised crime story.

“He just left!” Charlotte couldn't believe what she had just seen. “There wasn't even a hint of remorse or guilt in his eyes.”

“I know,” Fernando replied. “You think you know someone and then... they do something completely random and unpredictable.”

“It's awful! How can this ugly, competitive game turn such a nice guy into a deceitful liar and betrayer?”

Fernando did not have an answer to this question.

In the plane, Marcus took his seat; a smug smile crept gradually over his face. Looking down at his open hand, he eyed the small USB stick, brimming with valuable data. He couldn't wait to give it to Prof. Bernard and receive his reward – a Nature publication and three years of funding. Yes, it had all been worthwhile. Coming to Spain, skipping the conference and sacrificing his friendship with Fernando and Charlotte. Soon, he would be a well-funded scientist with a Nature paper. Universities would be queuing up to hire him. Marcus leaned back and satisfactorily closed his eyes as the plane took off.

“Guess we have to admit defeat this time,” Fernando said in sad resignation.

“Yep, I guess, he won,” Charlotte answered. “But not completely.”

“What do you mean?”

“There's only data for my Journal Club on the stick. Nothing from our cancer project,” she said with a wicked grin. “Touché!”

“Oh, thank goodness,” Fernando was visibly relieved. “But with all your preparation gone, now we really will have to cancel your Journal Club presentation,” he joked.


To be continued...

Kathleen Gransalke & Alison Blewitt

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Photo: Pixabay/Andy Beales

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