Run the Experiments (14) - A Call from Home

(August 28th, 2017) Here's a new episode of Lab Times' serialised crime story.

“I'm fine, thanks. Hope you're doing well, too. Hey, listen, I will be at a conference in Madrid next week. Perhaps we could meet up?” Marcus said.

“That would be lovely,” Charlotte replied. “Yes, come to Fernando's lab, I can show you some more results from our project. It looks awesome.”

“I'll be there. How about Wednesday afternoon?”


It was good to hear the familiar voice of an old friend. The two had been through quite a lot before Charlotte fled to Spain. They worked together on Charlotte's cancer project, often at night. He would give her many useful tips and not to forget, he set her up with Fernando. Yes, it would be good to see Marcus again.

Perhaps he could tell her the latest news from Prof Bernard. Had he calmed down again or was he planning the next assault? Charlotte was almost sure that Bernard had sent that strange fellow with the yellow cap to steal her data. But she couldn't prove it, of course. Perhaps Marcus knew more about it. She would tell him the story and her suspicions, for sure.

“Hey, what's up? You’re very bright and breezy!” Fernando remarked as he entered the office.

“Yes. Marcus just called. He’s coming to visit us next Wednesday.”

“Great! We should have a wine and cheese get-together - with some tea for you,” Fernando smiled.

“I'll go for the wine this time,” Charlotte countered with a wink.


To be continued...

Kathleen Gransalke & Alison Blewitt

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Photo: Pixabay/Andy Beales

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