Run the Experiments (13) - Just Like Heaven

(August 21st, 2017) Here's a new episode of Lab Times' serialised crime story.

Several weeks had passed since Charlotte had joined Fernando's lab. Together, they had done more experiments – now during the daytime; no longer a cloak and dagger affair at night. And all their data sets pointed in the same direction: to a publication in a major journal and perhaps even to a revolution in cancer research.

For the very first time in her life as a scientist, Charlotte worked with friendly, ambitious and open-minded colleagues... and she loved it. Why couldn't it be like this everywhere? They would talk about every result they obtained, not hiding it in locked folders. They would discuss unexpected results and possible errors in the experimental setup; not cover them up or massage the data. And, equally important, they would backfill used-up buffers and solutions. It was heaven.

The only thing that bugged Charlotte was her finances. Six months in Madrid weren't light on her wallet. Although Fernando had arranged for her to stay in the university's guest researcher apartments, it still cost her 300 euros a month, plus expenses for food and household goods. But she would manage; perhaps she could ask her mum again for help. This surely had higher chances of success than with every funding agency. Besides, it wouldn't be long before they could publish their results. Then everything would be different, life would be much better.

*Ring, ring* Charlotte's phone brought her back to the present.

“Hi, Marcus, how are you?”


To be continued...

Kathleen Gransalke & Alison Blewitt

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Photo: Pixabay/Andy Beales

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