Science Fun of the Week

(June 16th, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: Prokaryote Poetry.

A Cheesy Miracle of Life by SillyBilly the Kidster

Bacteria flirting with enzymes,
co mingling every which way,
with friendly organisms that give birth
every time to curds and whey.
That's the miracle of life as seen through my eyes,
as I look down upon the cheese upon my fries.

The Inferior Bacteria by Barry Stebbings

There was once a young bacteria,
Who used to feel inferior.      
But he resisted antibiotics      
And medicines exotic,      
Now he is feeling superior.        

Bacteria to The Fuscia by I am Speedytomzalez

A cosmonaut called Anatoli was diagnosed with acute E.coli
When he became somewhat delirious, they thought it was Bacillus cereus
When plated out under a prism, it looked instead like Botulism
Have you all gone off your rockers, it’s a strain of Staphlycoccus
And then thrown in just as a bonus, a rumour spread of Pseudomonas
No way you nincompoops cried Hans, it’s Candida albicans.
We’re all agreed the team replied........ just after Anatoli died!


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