Run the Experiments (9) - A Serious Loss

(June 12th, 2017) Here's a new episode of Lab Times' serialised crime story.

Deliberating whether she should drag him into this or not, Charlotte eventually brought herself to call Fernando, Marcus' friend at Complutense University. He seemed pretty nice. After a pleasant conversation, they agreed to meet at a nearby cafeteria, just three metro stations away from Charlotte's hotel.

Lost in thought, she entered the metro's first coach, which was crammed with people. Should she tell him the whole story or perhaps only a trimmed down, innocent version? Perhaps, she should first get to know him better; find out how he ticks. She would put him to the acid test, while small talking. And besides, it felt good to know someone in this big, foreign city.

“¡Perdón!” Charlotte was startled out of her thoughts as she was roughly jostled by an odd-looking man sporting a striking yellow baseball cap. She took a few seconds to recover her composure but he was already gone, having left the train at the last stop. “How rude!” Charlotte was upset but quickly returned to her own train of thoughts. The next stop would be hers and she would have coffee with a nice young man, perhaps her new scientific colleague?

“Next stop: Campus de Somosaguas.” Wiggling her way out of the coach, through the masses of people, Charlotte was relieved to get some fresh air. The sun was shining and the smell of early summer laced the air. What a beautiful day! How much time was there until their meeting?

“My phone; where's my phone!” Aghast, Charlotte was sure to have put it into the left pocket of her jacket. But it wasn’t there. And there was nothing in the right pocket, either. “What the f***!” Charlotte rummaged through all her pockets, in her jacket and trousers. She frantically rifled through her backpack, several times - but again there was nothing. No phone, anywhere. And where was her USB stick? “NOOO!” Charlotte sank down at the campus' centre, in floods of tears.


To be continued...

Kathleen Gransalke & Alison Blewitt

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Photo: Pixabay/Andy Beales

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