Science Fun of the Week

(June 2nd, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: The evolution of household articles.


"How from a teapot a heron evolves."

The image is taken from a set of twenty satirical German lithographs about the theory of natural selection recently introduced into Germany through the first translation of Charles Darwin's book The Origin of Species, which was published in German in 1860. The title leaf recto depicts a hirsute Neanderthal taking leave of his relatives (a pack of tree-climbing monkeys) in pursuit of creatures more like himself. The title leaf verso contains a discussion between two professors of mathematics (A and B), who have been reduced to geometrical configurations which they study: this takes its departure from a caricature which appears between the two figures entitled with English lettering 'Pretty faces and some sharp lines'. The work proceeds with lithographs, purportedly by Professor B, caricaturing Darwinian theory by depicting usually inanimate objects, a tea-kettle, a bottle of ink, the helmet of a Prussian soldier, metamorphosing into humans or animals.

From: Wellcome Library

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