Science Fun of the Week

(May 12th, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: Cinematic eye poking.

For their paper “Eye trauma in Laurel and Hardy movies – another nice mess”, the authors, ophthalmologist, Richard Zegers and his daughter, Lara, “watched all 92 movies, starring Laurel and Hardy as a pair in leading roles, together and scored for any eye trauma.” All in all, the two spotted 88 eye traumas – 48% were directed at Hardy. Most often, Laurel and Hardy poked the other one's eye, which, very likely, resulted in traumatic corneal abrasion. “Among the most serious causes of eye trauma were the pin of a door handle, a stick, a champagne cork, a tree branch and tacks”, the authors found and concluded that “Without a doubt, if their films had been reality, especially Hardy but also Laurel and several other people, would have suffered from serious eye injuries caused by the 88 eye traumas. The findings of the present study might reflect the personality, character and intellectual capacity of both Laurel and Hardy as ‘Two Minds Without a Single Thought’.


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