Science Fun of the Week

(January 24th, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: Some exercise for the weekend!

...And you don't even have to go outside. How about a session of laughter yoga. German researchers found it's a "demanding exercise for trunk muscles".

From the introduction:
"Laughing is one of the basic capacities that sets humans apart from most animals. Laughter has been investigated concerning social, psychological as well as physiological aspects (e.g., the positive effects on the hormonal, pulmonary, and cardiovascular systems) and the muscular activity of facial and laryngeal muscles. To our knowledge, there are no studies that investigated the trunk muscle activations during laughter (…) For a scientific investigation of laughter, a standardized exercise was necessary where laughing can be stimulated reliably. Based on the scientific research in gelotology (the science of laughter), laughter yoga was invented as a method to attain an authentic laughing through artificial laughing exercises, under the aphorism 'Fake it until you make it!'"

Curious? Here's a video with 100 laughter yoga exercises.

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