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Science Moves the World

(April 24th, 2017) Impressions from the March for Science in Leipzig, Germany.


Science Fun of the Week

(April 21st, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: A happy face in the reproductive system.


Fabric Defence

(April 20th, 2017) Ticks and bedbugs are an increasing health problem worldwide. The EU-supported BETITEX project has come up with a solution: an environmentally and human-friendly textile that protects against these unwanted “guests”.


Run the Experiments (3)

(April 18th, 2017) Here's Lab Times' new serialised crime story. Episode 3: A difficult situation.


Small and Effective

(April 13th, 2017) Aptamers are becoming increasingly popular as therapeutics and antibody alternatives. Because of their size, they could prove valuable for neurosciences, too.


An Unwelcome Return

(April 11th, 2017) The alarming rise in measles outbreaks across Europe is challenging efforts towards eliminating this contagious disease. Lab Times contacted the WHO Regional Office for Europe to understand the bare facts.


Run the Experiments (2)

(April 10th, 2017) Here's Lab Times' new serialised crime story. Episode 2: Eureka!


Science Fun of the Week

(April 7th, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: Confectionary rabbit auricular amputation.


“We Need to Increase the Public Understanding of Evolution”

(April 6th, 2017) Last February, an extraordinary conference took place in Portugal. It was a meeting to discuss how to teach society about evolution and why this is so important. We spoke with the event's organisers about the challenges of presenting the concept of evolution to the general public.


New Code of Conduct

(April 4th, 2017) In late March, the European Commission received the new European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity from Europe's national academies of sciences and humanities.


Run the Experiments (1)

(April 3rd, 2017) Here's Lab Times' new serialised crime story. Episode 1: Life of a Scientist.


Science Fun of the Week

(March 31st, 2017) Get ready for your weekly dose of science fun. Today: A funny and sad poem by a famous geneticist.


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Observations of The Owl -
Please, Leave Us Alone!

Current Issue - OwlAh, what a night! Two fat mice, one juicy squirrel and – the absolute culinary highlight – a real beauty of a noctule bat. Right now, after a deep and long day’s sleep, I can still sense that oh-so special flavour of tender bat meat on the back of my tongue...more

Publication Analysis 2007-2013: Rheumatology

Current Issue - Publication AnalysisDespite encompassing 200 or so disorders, European rheumatology research is dominated by only one disease – rheumatoid arthritis. At the top, not much has changed within the last decade... more

Bench philosophy: Nanopore sequencing

Current Issue - MethodsA new generation of DNA sequencing is here, spearheaded by nanopore sequencing, such as the MinION sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT). Is MinION the cure for all sequencing woes?... more

Tips and tricks of the trade: Designing sgRNAs with CRISPy-web

Current Issue - TricksTilmann Weber’s group at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability developed a user-friendly, web server implementation of the sgRNA prediction software, CRISPy, for non-computer scientists... more

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